PO Box 3022 Gympie DC QLD 4570
Phone 07 5485 0911


To enquire about your nearest supplier of Bamboo Textiles products or to address a specific product issue, please direct enquiry to:

email: info@bambootextiles.com.au

Bamboo Textiles Wholesale Enquiries.

48 Corella Road, Gympie, QLD 4570
PO Box 3022, Gympie DC, QLD 4570.

Tel: 07 5485 0911
Mob: 0408 834 810

We do not sell to end users, but only wholesale. Please click on Where To Buy if you want to locate a store near you. In order to purchase directly from us, you must be a retailer and first set up a trading account and provide us with your contact details. You can do this by email or by phone.