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Bamboo Textiles Fan Mail

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Good day gentlemen,


I have gone through a few pairs of socks in my time.  From the cricket playing fields to Golf Courses, Long Distance running and now Cycling, the South African Defence Force (Infantry) and now working on mine sites in the Australian outback.  I have not come across a better, more comfortable sock.


I played cricket in England where I stumbled onto Woollen Socks (South Africa and in Auss)  I have been a believer in keeping things as natural as possible for many years and as mentioned already nothing that has covered my size 12 feet has come close to providing me with the comport that your Bamboo Socks have.


Thank you for all the hard work that has gone into making these socks available.


One extremely satisfied customer.




Les Fuhri

Territory Manager


RYCO Hydraulics Pty. Ltd.


I was given some  Bamboo Charcoal Circulation Health Socks by Legacy. They have made a huge difference to my life. I am 88 years old and have had circulation problems in my feet for years. I needed to get up once or twice a night to have a hot shower to stop the pains in my feet, which were debilitating. After I put the Charcoal Socks on I found immediate relief and have lived in them ever since. It has stopped my recurring Tinea, the pains have stopped, I don’t need to get up in the night to shower any more and I have been able to walk my dog again. The difference to my life has been tremendous, thank you.

I would recommend these socks to others who experience similar health problems.

Belle Bray    Taree NSW



Good afternoon,

My name is Daniel and I am currently a serving member of the Australian Defence Force. I have recantly discovered your work socks at a disposal store whilst traveling interstate with work. I was amazed at how much cooler, dryer and over all healthier my feet have felt since wearing your product and by far the best pair of socks I have worn in nearly 12yrs of service. I hope that you are looking at presenting your product for consideration for use by the ADF. If I can be of further assistance please let me know.



yours are the best socks ever.

No smelly feet even after I wear one pair for six days straight!

I live in brunswick victoria.

Where can I buy your socks please?



My husband recently received a pair of bamboo socks as a gift and thinks they are the best ever (& he’s very particular about these things!!) Can you please inform me of the nearest stockist.  We live in Adelaide, quite close to the city on the western side.

Thanking you in advance,



I have sent you an email before and said I would be using your bamboo socks for snow sking. Since then I have been sking and found your bamboo socks great for that.I am sure they are good for ant use but I will be keeping mine for sking all for now Derek.



Hi Guys

Just seeking an assurance that we will continue to be your only supplier of Bamboo Socks in Katoomba.

The socks are still going really well, the new lime colour is great!

With thanks Chris and Glen

Katoomba Workwear


Hi, I work in Wacol   (Brisbane) where could go to buy your socks, their are very good, just got one pair bought in Toowoomba.   

Regards,  Andre


Hi there,

Great socks!

Are there any outlets you can tell me of in Sydney? (Northern side preferably.)





I need to know where I can buy socks.

I live in brunswick.

My friend gave me a pair. They are the best socks I have ever worn.  No smell what so ever even after wearing them for six days.


I need to retail outlets around brunswick.


Can you help please?




A friend gave me a pair of your socks and I wore them for 3 days straight rock picking on our farm.

Where in Perth can I buy more?





Please can you advise me if we can buy these on line from you. We have not seen them in NZ, and I love these socks for golf.


Ron Horsfall



Hullo Bernie ,

thank you for your quick reply !

The  retailers names you gave me are excellent, one at Richmond , near us, as we live at North Richmond.

I will definitely ring this one, and maybe Penrith  for their stock and order.

Since my husband received his  pair from our son, on Saturday, he hasnt had them offf !   (whew !  )

He cant get over how soft they are, how comfy, and how warm.  He has feet and leg problems, so these were such a godsend.

Have told quite a few friends and family  already, per my email.

Keep up good work !   And, as you suggested, if I am talking to any outlet who would be interested, I certainly will make you known.  Have the label which were on socks.

Thank you for info, and  your reply,



ps ,  Philip, our boy, bought his at Bega, south coast NSW.



just come to look at your webpage because i love your socks, and to see if you made gloves.  I wear your socks in my work boots and your sports socks in my sneakers.  The drying of them takes a little time but worth it.

 Hope to see some bamboo gloves soon… 🙂





I recently bought some of your socks in a shop in Healesville Victoria.  We live in Belgrave South and would like to know if there is a supplier nearer to us.   It was a 200 km round trip to buy them.

By the way, they are lovely and as well as buying 7 pairs for my husband I also bought three pairs for my girlfriends and myself.  We are all thrilled with them.





Hi there, just wanted to write in to say how great these socks are! I am a tradie and have been wearing explorers for years. I always liked them but then came across these socks and thought I would give them a go. I have not looked back they make work boots so comfortable as well as any other shoes. I work with electricity so there is the added bonus of them being natural fibre they won’t melt like many other synthetic socks will. I love these socks and will be using them for years to come!



holy moly. i’m just writing to tell you how completely amazing your socks are. I’m not usually one to bring up socks at dinner parties, but they are amazing. I have bought over 10 pairs now, but i only have 3 pairs left coz i always give away pairs to friends who look at me like ‘really.. socks..really..’ Thankyou again, i’m slowly working toward my goal of only having these socks in my wardrobe


Thank you Bernie for your quick response, i love these socks so am buying them for presents.


Thank you! We encountered your socks while on holidays near Port Macquarie in NSW and fell in love with them. It’s great to know we can buy more from local outlets and online.



Dear Bernie,

Your bamboo socks are a winner! I’ve just finished a 6 day WWII walk from Wau to Salamaua on Papua New Guinea’s north coast, near Lae.

Socks (and boots) were wet all the time; the ground was muddy and we walked along (and through) numerous creek beds, plus the usual PNG hills.

I took my socks and boots off each night and put them on again, still wet, each morning. Nothing dries when walking in PNG ‘bush’!

Definitely no smelly socks or boots, other than the ‘normal’ smell of damp fabric. (I wore US Army ‘Altama’ leather boots with fabric uppers).

I wore long trousers outside the boots, with no gaiters.

No “pilling” of the socks occurred and neither sock was “swallowed” by my boots.

Each evening I’d take my socks off and brush off river grit from the outside; I’d then pick out any river grit from the inside of the boots.

No grit got inside the socks while I was walking; my feet were very comfortable all the time!

I hope this is useful; feel free to suggest any changes.

I’ll send a copy to the ADF bloke who walked with us and also wore your socks, at my suggestion.


Reg Yates




Please pass this on to your sock supplier.


On this trip I was provided with a pair of Bamboo socks to evaluate during the trek from Wau to Salamaua, Morobe Provence.  I did wear them for a short while but had to remove them as my shoes were too small to accommodate the sock.  Having said that, I have had previous experience with the same sock and have nothing but praise for it.  Whilst in Afghanistan I was sent a pair of these socks at the height of the summer.  Due to the limited washing capability in that area, it was not uncommon for socks to get several days service between washes.  I found the bamboo socks to very good at inhibiting ‘sock smell’ and were also cool and comfortable even given their bulk.  As the season moved on and the winter arrived, the Bamboo socks maintained their shape and also maintained their resistance to smell.  Further, as the water got colder on patrol the socks maintained their wicking ability and even tho my feet were wet, they were not water logged.


I am sorry I was not able to fully field test the socks in the Jungle environment but suffice to say, I would not hesitate to use these socks in any environment (except perhaps where prickles and burrs were prevalent.





Hi Bernie,


So true. You can only lead the horse to water. And, even then, sometimes it will be ungrateful and try to kick you! Such is life.


Re your socks…I have worn the sport socks allot and can offer the following which you could use as a quote if you like:


“I have regularly worn bamboo sport socks for the last three months and find them far superior to the cotton socks that I previously used. With the cotton socks, I always used to get small rub points and occasionally, small blisters, on certain parts of the soles of my feet. With bamboo socks, this problem has completely disappeared. Although I had grown accustomed to the problem with cotton socks, to be rid of it is a joy and I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say that wearing bamboo socks has had a distinctly positive impact on my sporting efforts. I would highly recommend these socks to any user.”